Biocon and Sandoz join forces for global next-generation biosimilars

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On 18 January 2018, Biocon and Sandoz announced a global partnership to develop, manufacture and commercialize new next-generation biosimilars that will be available worldwide. This collaboration aims to increase global patient access to a range of high quality, affordable immunology and oncology biological medicines.


Indian biopharmaceuticals company Biocon and Novartis biosimilar division Sandoz, have agreed to share responsibility for end-to-end development, manufacturing and global regulatory approvals for a number of biosimilar products. They will also arrange a cost and profit share arrangement. Together, they will be able to address the next wave of biosimilars opportunities globally and expand their product portfolio.

To date, Biocon has successfully developed and taken a variety of biologicals from the lab to commercialization. It has successfully launched biologicals, biosimilar antibodies, rh-insulin and insulin analogues in regions such as the US [1], Japan [2], Europe and emerging markets [3]. This new partnership with Sandoz will develop next-generation biosimilars and go beyond the near term opportunities addressed by Biocon's existing global partnership with Mylan [4]. Sandoz currently has five biosimilars marketed worldwide. As a division of Novartis, a global company with a leading position in innovative and off-patent medicines, Sandoz benefits from the company’s experience and expertise in different markets.

Biocon and Sandoz plan to divide commercialization responsibilities and utilize each company’s strengths and position in particular regions of the globe. This means that in North America and the EU, commercialization will largely be in the hands of Sandoz and Biocon will take on this role elsewhere.

In separate statements, company leaders from Biocon and Sandoz have noted that this partnership will enable them to maintain and strengthen a leadership position in the biosimilars market. It will also enhance their ability to deliver next-generation biosimilar products to patients and scale-up their capabilities. In the long term, this has potential to benefit billions of patients across the globe.

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