Adalimumab biosimilar launched in Japan

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Adalimumab 2 V14A10

Japan-based Mochida Pharmaceutical (Mochida) announced on 25 November 2021 that its adalimumab biosimilar had been launched in Japan following the listing of the drug on the National Health Insuran...

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25 AA011049
YLB113 etanercept biosimilar autoinjector 'safe and effective’
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Analysis of the YLB113 etanercept autoinjector, a biosimilar to reference etanercept, f...

Regulation of the registration of biological drugs in Latin America
Posted 19/11/2021

Biological drugs are defined as products with active ingredients produced from a biolog...

Biosimilars approved in Chile
Posted 19/11/2021

In Chile, the regulatory body responsible for the approval of biological medicines is t...

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Liposome V15L11

On 4 April 2018, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a new draft guidance...

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Adalimumab biosimilar launched in Japan
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