GaBI Online reached over 5,520,748 page views and 3,376,839 total visits by 2024/Q1

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Last update: 9 April 2024

GaBI Online is a reliable, critical and independent source of information on off-patent medicines since 2009. It offers you the possibility of reaching thousands of healthcare professionals, who visit our news platform on a daily basis in their need to stay informed on the rapid developments of the science and research of generic and biosimilar medicines. 

GaBI Online subscribers are professionals from government, research, academic, and scientific institutes; biopharmaceutical/ biotechnology organizations; (bio)pharmaceutical companies; legal and patent companies; API manufacturers; CROs; as well as individual healthcare providers like physicians, pharmacists and researchers.

GaBI Online’s visitor data recorded steady increase. Contributing to the growth of page views and visits is that GaBI Online offers enriched and solidly-researched editorial content which continually attracts new visitors, with a monthly average of 67% visits by new visitors and 33% visits by an established group of loyal (returning) visitors. This reflects the stability of GaBI Online visitors.

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Page views by No. of pages 

Average page views per website visit in 2023: 1.6 

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Time spent in seconds

Average time spent on website in 2023: 60 seconds

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In 2023, GaBI Online Visitors are from over 194 countries

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What we achieved in 2023

  • Total visits in 2023: 370,033
  • Total page views in 2023: 393,919
  • Average total visitors per month in 2023: 30,836+
  • Average page views per website visit: 1.6
  • Average time spent on website: 60 seconds
  • GaBI Online Google page rank is #4 since January 2012
  • Total number of subscribers: 15,850
  • Average new subscribers per month in 2023: 49+
  • GaBI Online Weekly E-newsletter highest open rate in 2023: 31.8%; average 11.6%†
  • Email blast (advertiser) highest open rate in 2023: 27.4%†

†list industry average: 22.5%

By end of 2023/Q4, GaBI Online achieved

  • GaBI Online hosts over 5,258+ articles on generics and biosimilars since 2009
  • 3,109,798 total visits
  • 2,175,120 absolute unique visitors
  • 5,431,372 total page views
  • Average active users per month (2023/Q4): 24,208

Unique features and benefits:

  • Reliable and independent source with diversified editorial content on off-patent medicines
  • Comprehensive repository (hub) of scientific reports on generics and biosimilars, worldwide guidelines, policies and legislations, and country specific data
  • High percentage of new visitors (69%) and loyal (returning) visitors (31%)
  • Regular communication to healthcare professionals from all sectors of the healthcare industry worldwide

 Advertising opportunities:

  • Banner advertising
  • Sponsored sections - interview, company profile, product news, sponsored links
  • E-marketing

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