Trajectories of prices in generic drug markets

Generics/Research | Posted 06/04/2023

In a study by Trujillo AJ et al., the authors adopt a group-based trajectory modelling approach to analyse the price trends of generic drugs. The analysis is conducted using price data collected quarterly over the past decade from the IBM MarketScan claims database. The study focus is to understand the trajectory patterns of these drugs and identify factors that may have influenced their pricing over time [1].

Evaluation of pharmaceutical equivalency of manufactured generic drugs in UAE

Generics/Research | Posted 10/02/2023

Generic medicines are pharmaceutical products manufactured to be equivalent to the brand or innovator drug products. They represent the majority of worldwide prescribed medicines; therefore, their quality is critical to ensure equivalent therapeutic outcomes

New insights into the amount of R & D for new uses of generic drugs

Generics/Research | Posted 12/12/2022

Generic drugs are considered indispensable to healthcare systems because they are substantially cheaper than original versions of the drugs.  These drugs have become common place, within healthcare delivery, because of the anticipated financial benefits [1].

Pricing and reimbursement of medicines in Canada

Generics/Research | Posted 02/09/2022

Canada is a wealthy country with gross domestic product (GDP) per capita of US$43,258 in 2020. It ranks 16th in the United Nations’ Human Development Index and is one of the most multicultural countries in the world. Canada’s population of more than 38 million includes a significant indigenous population. Its huge land mass means it is very sparsely populated outside urban areas. Authors from Canada and Brazil discuss the pharmaceutical pricing and reimbursement policies in Canada [1].

Medicines pricing conditions in Italy and Brazil: comparison of regulations

Generics/Research | Posted 26/08/2022

In the context of the National Health Services (NHS), the gearing that moves the health services comprises a legal framework, permeated by technical and economic parameters.

Relevance of NTI to the treatment of epilepsy

Generics/Research | Posted 01/07/2022

In a mini review, author a Roy G Beran discusses what is the relevance of a narrow therapeutic index (NTI) to the treatment of epilepsy [1].

What is the meaning of a narrow therapeutic index?

Generics/Research | Posted 17/06/2022

What is the meaning of a narrow therapeutic index (NTI) is a topic explained by author Roy G Beran, in a mini review [1].

Consequences of generics being favoured by healthcare providers

Generics/Research | Posted 03/06/2022

Generics are favoured by healthcare providers due to a variety pf reasons, according to author Roy G Beran [1].

What is meant by a generic medication and generic equivalence?

Generics/Research | Posted 10/06/2022

Author Professor Roy G Beran, in a mini review, explains what generics are and what is meant by generic equivalence [1].

The cost of developing drugs and use of generics

Generics/Research | Posted 27/05/2022

In a mini review, author Professor Roy G Beran explains how generics can be produced at a much lower cost than originator drugs [1].