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Celltrion–Rani partnership for RaniPill biosimilars

Home/Pharma News | Posted 14/07/2023

Celltrion and Rani Therapeutics (Rani) have entered a partnership under which Celltrion will supply ustekinumab and adalimumab biosimilars for RaniPill products under an exclusive license and supply agreement.

Cuba strengthens biotech industry through Eurasian partnerships

Home/Pharma News | Posted 14/07/2023

Cuba is consolidating its position in the field of biotechnology thanks to cooperation with several Eurasian nations, in particular Russia and Belarus.

Biosimilars manufacturing facilities approved by EU and US

Home/Pharma News | Posted 06/06/2023

Two biological drugs manufacturing facilities for biosimilar epoetin alfa and biosimilar bevacizumab were approved in the US and Europe in May and April 2023, respectively.

Cuba and China strengthen scientific cooperation for the development of medical treatments

Home/Pharma News | Posted 30/05/2023

In recent years, Cuba and China have established agreements to develop innovative medical treatments, notably Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (Centro de Ingeniería Genética y Biotecnología, CIGB) and Center for Molecular Immunology (Centro de Inmunología Molecular, CIM), and have shared their experiences in the field of medical research.

HK inno.N–mAbxience partnership in Korea and Coherus advances in the US

Home/Pharma News | Posted 17/02/2023

In early 2023, it was announced that South Korea’s HK inno.N signed an exclusive license agreement with Spain's mAbxience to bring a denosumab biosimilar to market in South Korea. In addition, in the US, Coherus BioSciences is to acquire exclusive commercial rights to Formycon’s under-development Eylea (aflibercept) biosimilar.

Global marketing and commercialization advances for Alvotech and partners

Home/Pharma News | Posted 27/01/2023

In late 2022 and early 2023, Alvotech announced several strategic partnership advances to further their global reach as a biotech company specializing in the development and manufacture of biosimilar medicines.

New partnerships: Biocon-Yoshindo and Syna-Intas

Home/Pharma News | Posted 25/11/2022

Biocon Biologics announced on 17 October 2022 that it has entered into a strategic out-licensing agreement with Japanese pharmaceuticals company Yoshindo for commercializing two of its pipeline biosimilar assets in Japan. Following this, on 2 November 2022, Syna Therapeutics signed an exclusive license agreement with Intas to commercialize a haematology biosimilar.

New funding to strengthen Cuba's biopharmaceutical industry

Home/Pharma News | Posted 18/11/2022

On 22 September 2022, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) announced the execution of a loan of Euros 46.7 million (US$45.25 million dollars) to support Cuba's biopharmaceutical industry and improve the country's capacity to respond against diseases such as COVID-19.

Similis-Blau biosimilars development partnership announced

Home/Pharma News | Posted 04/11/2022

On 25 October 2022, JSR Life Sciences (and LLC (JSR)) have announced that their recently launched biosimilars development branch, Similis Bio, has signed a development and license agreement with Brazilian firm, Blau Farmacêutica. 

GaBI news digest for 14 October 2022

Home/Pharma News | Posted 14/10/2022

Selected news for the week of 14 October 2022 for GaBI readers.