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Sandoz acquires GSK antibiotics and Perrigo generics sold to Altaris

Home/Pharma News | Posted 12/03/2021

In February 2021, Sandoz signed an agreement to acquire GSK’s cephalosporin antibiotics business. In March 2021, Perrigo Company sold their generic drug business to private investment firm, Altaris Capital Partners LLC. 

Biocon Biologics partners to improve global access to cancer treatments and insulin

Home/Pharma News | Posted 05/03/2021

In February 2021, Biocon Biologics joined forces with international organizations to improve access to cancer and diabetes treatments. The India-based biological subsidiary of Biocon, entered into an agreement with the Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI) to expand access to cancer biosimilars in over 30 countries in Africa and Asia as a part of the Cancer Access Partnership (CAP) [1]. In addition, they have become the first biosimilar insulin company to partner with the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) to promote and support the latter’s initiatives [2].

Korean biosimilars makers pipelines and expansion

Home/Pharma News | Posted 26/02/2021

Korean biosimilars makers have started conducting global clinical trials and are expanding into other markets with their biosimilars.

Innovent makes deal for bevacizumab copy biological in Indonesia

Home/Pharma News | Posted 12/02/2021

China-based Innovent Biologics (Innovent) announced on 19 January 2021 that it had made an agreement with PT Etana Biotechnologies Indonesia (Etana) to out-license the development and commercialization rights for its bevacizumab copy biological, Byvasda, in Indonesia to Etana.

Partnerships formed and extended between Isu Abxis/Pharmasyntez and Alvotech/Fuji Pharma

Home/Pharma News | Posted 05/02/2021

The South Korean company Isu Abxis will export technology for a rare blood disease treatment, a biosimilar of Soliris, to the Russian firm Pharmasyntez.

Top 10 most read GaBI Online articles in 2020

Home/Pharma News | Posted 29/01/2021

This article reviews some of the most important events for biosimilars during 2020. For biosimilars these included the World Health Organization’s (WHO) prequalification of its first biosimilar and US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) rules and guidance. Other subjects of interest for biosimilars were European Medicines Agency (EMA) approvals, the biosimilars market in Latin America, biosimilar litigation, and extrapolation, immunogenicity, switching and substitution of biosimilars.

Celltrion: Takeda acquisitions and new plant development

Home/Pharma News | Posted 15/01/2021

Celltrion completed the acquisition of selected primary care assets from Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited in the Asia Pacific region in November 2020. In addition, the company announced it will be building a new biopharmaceutical plant and a global biotechnology research centre in Songdo, Incheon, South Korea.

Momenta to reduce its biosimilars programmes

Home/Pharma News | Posted 26/10/2018

US-based biotechnology firm Momenta Pharmaceuticals (Momenta) announced on 1 October 2018 that it would be focusing on two key biosimilars and quit the development of five others.

New Alvotech partnerships in South Africa and China

Home/Pharma News | Posted 11/12/2020

Iceland-based biopharmaceutical company Alvotech entered into two partnerships in November 2020, that will expand their reach into South Africa and China.

AffaMed and EverInsight merger announced

Home/Pharma News | Posted 13/11/2020

AffaMed Therapeutics announced a merger agreement with EverInsight Therapeutics on 10 October 2020.