Approaches to streamline biosimilar interchangeable programmes

Home/Reports | Posted 03/06/2022

Dr Yow-Ming Wang provided welcoming remarks during the biosimilars webinar hosted by the University of Maryland Center of Excellence in Regulatory Science and Innovation (M-CERSI) and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Brazilian market of biosimilars

Home/Reports | Posted 20/05/2022

As the largest country in South America, Brazil is an important market for the pharmaceutical industry, but the biosimilars still represent less than 2% of the total biological drug market in the country [1]. 

China–EU market expansion for biosimilars

Home/Reports | Posted 16/05/2022

Hao J stated that the prospects for biosimilar sales in China are huge, but there are many companies in the market battling for share, and so they are slowly turning in the direction of sales abroad, including the European Union (EU). However, in entering the EU they must go up against many large and well-established biopharmaceutical companies. She said that ultimately market share will go to the most efficient and economical producers [1].

Challenges for Chinese companies to bring biosimilars (copy biologicals) to EU

Home/Reports | Posted 06/05/2022

A presentation by Dr Jenny Hao, a pharma operating partner with Converge Partners at the Festival of Biologics meeting in Basel, Switzerland in November 2021, highlights the interest Chinese biosimilars producers have in Europe and the challenges they face.

Pathways for Chinese pharmaceutical companies to enter EU markets

Home/Reports | Posted 29/04/2022

China was significantly behind the European Union (EU) in starting to approve biosimilars/copy biologicals. However, despite the small number of copy biologicals approved in the country, China has been much faster to commercialize such products [1].

Chinese biosimilars (copy biological) in European markets

Home/Reports | Posted 22/04/2022

A presentation entitled ‘International commercialization on biosimilars’ delivered by Dr Jenny Hao of Convergence in November 2021 at the Festival of Biologics meeting in Basel, Switzerland discussed the challenges and opportunities for Chinese biosimilar (copy biological) companies to market their products in the European Union.

Preparing for future biosimilar opportunities

Home/Reports | Posted 08/04/2022

Fifty-five per cent of biosimilar opportunities from loss of exclusivity come from just 10% (13) biologicals, which are concentrated in the oncology space, according to a report released by data analysis firm IQVIA [1].

How biosimilar competition in Europe is changing

Home/Reports | Posted 25/03/2022

A report carried out at the request of the European Commission found that the development of access to biologicals in Europe remains challenging [1].

Developing access to biologicals remains challenging

Home/Reports | Posted 18/03/2022

In a report, carried out at the request of the European Commission, data analysis firm IQVIA, found that the development of access to biologicals in Europe remains challenging [1].

Savings from biosimilars reached an all-time high in 2021

Home/Reports | Posted 11/03/2022

A recent report has highlighted how despite the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, the volume of biosimilar prescribing has generated a record high in savings from biosimilar competition.