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First posted: 25/05/2011

Belgium had a small generic medicines market during the second half of the 1990s. Its development was boosted by the introduction of a reference-pricing system in 2001. Public expenditure on generic medicines rose from Euros 18 million in 1994 (market share by value of 0.8%) to Euros 213 million in 2004 (market share of 4.8%) [1].

The market share of generic medicines by volume nearly quadrupled from 2.2% in 1994 to 8.0% in 2004 [1].

Source: 1994–2004 [1]

In Belgium, control is exercised over the prices of all medicines. This control can take

the form of either price fixing or price notification, depending on the type of medicine [2].

Physicians in Belgium are not trained at medical school to write prescriptions by international non-proprietary name (INN). However, since 2006 physicians have been required to prescribe minimum percentages of low-cost prescriptions (so-called ‘quotas’) in order to benefit from the savings due to the lower costs of generics [5].

In 2008, only 3% of prescriptions in Belgium were written by INN [6].

Highlights of the generics market in Belgium

  • The market share of generic medicines by volume (prescriptions) in 2008 was only 8.8%, representing around 5% in market value [1].
  • Physicians are obliged to prescribe a certain amount of low-priced medicines [3].
  • Substitution by the pharmacist is allowed if the prescription is written by INN and if the patient agrees with substitution [4].


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