First posted: 25/05/2011

First posted: 12 August 2011 

Concerning biosimilars approved and marketed in Belgium, view the following related article:

Biosimilars approved and marketed in Belgium

The Belgian generics market is poorly developed* and is among the smallest in Europe by both volume and value.

The market share of generic medicines by volume (prescriptions) in 2008 was only 8.8%, representing around 5% in market value [1]. Therefore, the generic presence in Belgium could be improved, and the following are some ideas that could help to increase the generic market share in Belgium:


  • Minimum price differences between originator and generic medicines should be abolished [2].
  • Reference pricing should be adjusted to contribute to price competition among companies [2].
  • Physician incentives to prescribe generics need to be enhanced, and prescription by international non-proprietary name (INN) needs to be strengthened [2].
  • Teach students at medical school to prescribe by INN.
  • Create appropriate incentives for pharmacists to dispense generic drugs [3].
  • Allow substitution, unless explicitly prohibited by the prescriber, as foreseen by the Belgian legislator in 1993 [4].
  • Increase patient’s awareness of the reference supplement, by providing clear information on the amount and type of supplement paid [4].

* In countries with developing generic medicines markets, market share of generic medicines does not surpass 40% [5].


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