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First posted: 08/12/2011

Danish generic medicines policy has created conditions fostering a low-price, high-volume generic medicines market [1].

Market shares of generic medicines in terms of value of consumption have decreased from 39.3% in 1994 to 23% in 2009 as a result of falling prices of generic medicines. This has been accompanied by a slight decrease in the volume of consumption of generic medicines, with market shares falling from 61.3% in 1994 to 57% in 2009 [1].

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Source: 1994–2004 [1], 2005–2009 [2].

Denmark has in principle a free pricing system for generic medicines [3]. Generics need only to be priced below the originator price to qualify for reimbursement [4].

Highlights of the generics market in Denmark

  • Market share of generic medicines by prescription is 57%, but only 23% in value [2].
  • The reference pricing system and generics substitution by pharmacists reward generic medicines companies that set competitive prices for an active substance with high sales [1].
  • Physicians tend to have a favourable attitude towards generics substitution by pharmacists and face non-financial incentives to prescribe generic medicines [1].
  • Strong price competition and low prices could endanger the long-term sustainability of the generic medicines industry [1].
  • Free pricing of generic medicines [3].
  • Generics companies compete with each other on price, driving prices down.
  • Public expenditure on medicines in Denmark has been reduced by Euros 15 million a year since generics substitution was implemented [5].


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