EU will act against drugmakers that delay generics

Home/Reports | Posted 30/09/2009

The European Commission (EC) released its final report on 8 July 2009 concerning competition in the pharmaceutical sector, and said it will increase its oversight of the industry after finding that drugmakers' business practices contributed to the delay of generic drugs being introduced to the market. The EC explained that “to reduce the risk that settlements between originator and generic companies are concluded at the expense of consumers, the EC undertakes to carry out further focused monitoring of settlements that limit or delay the market entry of generic drugs”. Furthermore, it will not hesitate to act against ‘anticompetitive practices’ by drugmakers that delay the market entry of generics, but has also called on Member States to do more to boost generic uptake.

Blockbuster biologicals in 2008 possible targets for new biosimilars?

Home/Reports | Posted 29/07/2009

With the recently introduced two US biosimilar bills and the expectation that a US biosimilars pathway will be realised before the end of this year, the race for biosimilar (or biobetter) versions of extremely expensive biologicals that will soon go off-patent has really begun.

EGA report: Increase patient access to generic medicines

Home/Reports | Posted 05/08/2009

“EU governments need to ensure fast generic medicines uptake, as market access and low market volume in key EU countries is still a real problem and is having a major negative impact on patient access to more affordable treatments”, argues a new report of the European Generic medicines Association (EGA), entitled How to Increase Patient Access to Generic Medicines in European Healthcare Systems.

European biosimilars market set to grow gradually

Home/Reports | Posted 29/07/2009

A new report from Frost & Sullivan (F&S) has claimed that despite the initial regulatory hiccups, the number of biosimilars in the European market is set to increase gradually. It notes that patent expiries of key biopharmaceuticals have opened up numerous lucrative market opportunities, while driving the development of biosimilars. In addition, payers' perception of biosimilars, as viable alternatives to originator drugs due to their safety, efficacy and affordability, will further bolster market prospects.