First posted: 16/03/2012

First posted: 16 March 2012 

The Portuguese generics market is poorly developed* and is one of the smaller markets in Europe by both volume and value.

The market share of generic medicines by volume in 2008 was only 16%, representing 18% in value [1]. Therefore, the generics presence in Portugal could be improved, and the following are some ideas that could help to increase the generics market share in Portugal:


  • Generics promotion policies should be refined in order to reduce generics prices [2].
  • Remove regulations imposing a minimum price difference between originator and generic medicines [3].
  • Set the reference price at the level of the average price of generic medicines in the reference group [3].
  • Expand INN prescribing through projects promoting medicines databases and computerised prescribing [3].
  • Eliminate the pharmacist disincentive to dispense generic medicines [3].
  • Mechanisms for better enforcement of the rules, such as sanctions or financial incentives, should be considered to encourage generics substitution [2].
  • Policy makers should aim to decrease co-payments for generic medicines [2].

* In countries with developing generic medicines markets, market share of generic medicines does not surpass 40% [4].


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