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Good news for biosimilar enoxaparin sodium Biosimilars/News | Posted 03/09/2010

French pharma giant sanofi-aventis (sanofi) has been denied a request to block sales of a generic version of its Lovenox blood thinner by a US district court.

US healthcare reform Policies & Legislation | Posted 03/09/2010

The tide is finally changing in the US with reform of the healthcare system finally set to provide universal health care to most of the US population. This is great news for the American citizen, b...

Drug recalls and generic medicines Generics/General | Posted 03/09/2010

In 2009 there were a record number of drug recalls according to Health Reform Watch. There were an amazing 1,742 drug recalls in 2009 compared to 426 in 2008.

The global generic medicines market Pharma News | Posted 03/09/2010

The global market for generic drugs was worth an estimated US$84 billion for 2009 and is expected to increase to a staggering US$168.7 billion by 2014.

International trends in generics: India Generics/General | Posted 03/09/2010

South Africa, home to 5.7 million HIV-positive people – more than any other country in the world – gives AIDS patients free drugs, most of which are generics that come from India. This is just one...

Can we have our cake and eat it? Generics/Research | Posted 03/09/2010

Managing the cost of pharmaceutical expenditure is entirely the competence of individual EU Member States. As a result, Europe has developed into a patchwork of different systems of pharmaceutical...

International trends in generics: the EU Generics/Research | Posted 30/08/2010

Few studies have conducted an international price comparison of generic medicines as it is hard to access comparable data. A 2007 study by Prof. Dr. Steven Simoens examined national pricing policie...

How far does similarity go? Biosimilars/Research | Posted 25/08/2010

How much similarity does a biosimilar monoclonal antibody (mAb) have to show to its reference mAb? The European overarching biosimilar guideline states that a biosimilar needs to be ‘similar, in mo...