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Generic atorvastatin partnership Generics/News | Posted 18/11/2011

In early November 2011, there has been speculation that Ranbaxy Laboratories and Teva are about to join in manufacturing generic atorvastatin, better known as Lipitor, in the US.

FDA definitions of generics and biosimilars Biosimilars/General | Posted 18/11/2011

Confusion surrounding terms used in the global field of generics and biosimilars is a recognised problem.The source of some of this confusion is due to authorities in various regions of the world d...

US biosimilars: many barriers to overcome Biosimilars/Research | Posted 18/11/2011

EMA has been successful in devising a system for authorising the marketing of biosimilar products and 14 biosimilars are currently on the market in the major countries of the EU [1]. Generally, bio...

Stada to buy Spirig’s generics business Generics/News | Posted 18/11/2011

German generics giant Stada Arzneimittel announced on 9 November 2011 that it had signed a deal to buy Switzerland-based Spirig Pharma’s generics business for approximately Euros 78 million.

Natco snaps up biosimilars: signing deal with Mabxience Biosimilars/News | Posted 18/11/2011

Indian generic drugmaker Natco Pharma announced that it had entered into an exclusive agreement with Mabxience, the biosimilar division of Swiss firm Chemo Sa Lugano, on 19 September 2011.

Some relief from drug shortages in the US Pharma News | Posted 10/11/2011

There finally appears to be some light at the end of the tunnel, with one of the main victims of shortages—the sterile injectable drug propofol—finally being declared no longer in short supply by FDA.

The controversies surrounding biosimilars Biosimilars/Research | Posted 10/11/2011

It is well known that the introduction of similar biological medicinal products, or biosimilars, has caused not a little controversy in the medical world. The aim of healthcare providers/payers, ei...

Cancer drug shortages in the US Pharma News | Posted 10/11/2011

There is concern being expressed about the growing number of drug shortages among essential and lifesaving cancer drugs.