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Biosimilars group launched in UK to improve biosimilars uptake Posted 29/04/2016

On 18 April 2016, the British Generic Manufacturers Association (BGMA) announced the launch of its expert sector group on biosimilars, the British Biosimilars Association (BBA).

The group is exclusively focused on biosimilars and its main focus will be to try and improve access to biosimilars thus ensuring that patients in the UK can benefit from these life-saving and life-changing medicines to the same extent as those elsewhere in Europe. Currently, the UK lags behind some European countries in the uptake of biosimilars. The BBA believes that restricting patient access to these medicines costs the National Health Service (NHS) money that could be used for other treatments. At present, six of the top 10 medicine expenditures by the NHS are on biologicals.

There are currently seven biosimilars on the market in the UK (somatropin, follitropin alfa, filgrastim, infliximab, epotein alfa, insulin glargine and etanercept). And more are expected to come soon due to imminent patent expiries [1]. However, biosimilars in the UK make up only 30% of the volume market share of their reference product, despite the fact that the UK has one of the highest market shares of generics in Europe. In 2010, 83% of prescriptions in England were prescribed and 67% were dispensed as generics [2].

NHS England, has also been making efforts to improve the uptake of biosimilars in the UK. In September 2015, in collaboration with industry and regulatory partners, the NHS launched a ‘What is a biosimilar’ briefing. The document provides key clinical and non-clinical stakeholders with accessible information on how to support the appropriate use of biologicals, including biosimilars, for the benefit of NHS patients.

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