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Sun Pharma announces Japanese distribution pact with Mitsubishi Tanabe Posted 07/10/2016

Sun Pharmaceutical Industries (Sun Pharma) has announced it will transfer marketing authorizations for 14 of its prescription drugs to Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma (Mitsubishi Tanabe), allowing the company to manufacture and market them in Japan.

Sun Pharma – the world’s fifth largest speciality generics firm, and India’s biggest pharmaceutical company – announced on the 6 September 2016 that it will begin the transfer of manufacturing and marketing rights for 14 of its established prescription brands to its subsidiary in Japan, Sun Pharma Japan. The transfer process is due to begin in October 2016.

The brands were acquired from Novartis earlier this year for US$293 million [1], signalling the beginning of Sun Pharma’s entry into the Japanese pharmaceutical market, which is the second largest in the world.

Under a strategic distribution alliance, Mitsubishi Tanabe – a subsidiary of Tokyo-based Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Corporation – will be able to market and distribute these 14 brands, as well as provide information to healthcare professionals on how to use them.

In a statement, Sun Pharma said Mitsubishi Tanabe’s specialized expertise will help them to develop a strong business in Japan, where the company hopes to expand its sales channels.

Of the 14 brands to be transferred, 11 will be launched in the Japanese market by the end of December 2016. These are:
Parlodel (Bromocriptine mesylate): for treatment of Parkinson’s disease
Lamisil (Terbinafine): an antifungal
Nitroderm (Nitroglycerin): for treatment of angina
Apresoline (Hydralazine hydrochloride): for treatment of high blood pressure
Zaditen (Ketotifen fumarate): an antihistamine
Symmetrel (Amantadine hydrochloride): for treatment of Parkinson’s disease
Cibacen (Benazepril hydrochloride): for treatment of high blood pressure
Tegretol (Carbamazepine): for treatment of epilepsy

The final three drugs are scheduled for transfer in 2017:
Ternelin (Tizanidine hydrochloride): a muscle relaxant
Ludiomil (Maprotiline hydrochloride): for treatment of depression
Lochol (Fluvastatin sodium): for treatment of abnormal cholesterol levels

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