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Pfizer sets to lead biosimilars and generics markets

Pharma giant Pfizer has announced it is to buy injectable generics specialist and biosimilars maker Hospira for US$17 billion. The products acquired in the deal will be integrated into Pfizer’s generics unit, Global Established Pharmaceutical (GEP).

Mylan on track to acquire Abbott generics and expand role in women’s health

The European Commission (EC) has approved Mylan’s acquisition of Abbott Laboratories' Non-US Developed Markets Specialty and Branded Generics Business (Abbott EPD-DM), subject to conditions. US-based generics manufacturer Mylan will have to sell off a number of its businesses in France, Germany, Ireland, Italy and UK in order to satisfy European Union merger regulations.

Actavis to buy UK generics maker Auden McKenzie

US generics maker Actavis announced on 26 January 2015 that it had agreed to buy UK generics maker Auden McKenzie. The deal will propel Actavis into the top position in the UK for generics suppliers, placing it in third position in the UK overall.

Amgen’s approach in the biosimilars market

Biotech giant Amgen now has a biosimilars programme that includes nine different molecules [1]. A representative from Amgen has spoken to GaBI about the company’s venture into biosimilars [2].

Top 10 most read GaBI Online articles in 2014

2014 was once again a busy year for biosimilars, ranging from revision of regulatory guidelines to naming and extrapolation. Biosimilars remain the hot topic for GaBI Online during 2014 and, in fact, all 10 of the most read articles concern biosimilars.

Cipla makes deal with Serum Institute for vaccines in Europe

India-based generics maker Cipla announced on 20 November 2014 that it had signed a deal with the Serum Institute of India (Serum Institute) to distribute vaccines in Europe.

Actavis buys Allergan and joins pharma top 10

On 17 November 2014, US generics maker Actavis announced that the company had made a deal to acquire botox-maker Allergan for US$66 billion.

Xbrane signs biosimilar optimization deal with Indian pharma firm

Swedish biotech company Xbrane Bioscience (Xbrane) has signed an agreement with a global Indian pharmaceutical company to assist them in developing an optimized production system for a specific biosimilar that will be marketed worldwide. The aim is to help the client reduce production costs in order to gain a competitive advantage in the biosimilar market.

Cipla Medpro to collaborate with Teva for generics in South Africa

India-based generics maker Cipla announced on 8 October 2014 that it had made a collaboration deal with Israel’s Teva Pharmaceuticals for sales and distribution of the latter’s generic drugs in South Africa.

Supernus sues Actavis over generic Trokendi XR

US-based central nervous system specialist Supernus Pharmaceuticals (Supernus) announced on 2 Oct 2014 that it had sued generics maker Actavis for infringement of three patents covering its antiepileptic drug Trokendi XR (extended release topiramate). The three US patents (8,298,576, 8,298,580, and 8,663,683) cover once-a-day topiramate formulations and methods of treating seizures using those formulations.