Merck KGaA and Samsung BioLogics extend strategic alliance Posted 01/12/2017

German drugmaker Merck KGaA (Merck Group) announced on 1 November 2017 that it had signed a ‘Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Samsung BioLogics for a strategic alliance on biopharmaceutical manufacturing and biologic[al]s process development’.

The alliance will accelerate process development and clinical material production at small biotech start-ups focusing on novel drug development for which Samsung BioLogics, which is the specialized biotechnology arm of Samsung, acts as a contract manufacturer. Under the agreement, Merck KGaA will provide process development and support technical training, in addition to its Mobius single-use systems to Samsung BioLogics.

Merck KGaA’s Mobius single-use manufacturing systems deliver solutions from buffer and media preparation, bioreactor, clarification, chromatography, virus clearance, ultrafiltration/diafiltration to formulation and fill.

The new MoU is an extension of an MoU signed in 2014 that encompasses a long-term supply agreement where Merck KGaA would provide raw materials for biopharmaceutical manufacturing.

Korean electronics giant Samsung is aggressively pursuing biosimilars [1]. Merck KGaA, on the other hand, sold its biosimilars business to Fresenius Kabi in September 2017 [2].

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