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Medicines for Europe 14th Legal Affairs Conference Posted 09/02/2018

14th Legal Affairs Conference
25 April 2018
Grange Tower Bridge Hotel
London, UK

The 14th Medicines for Europe Legal Affairs Conference in London will be an opportunity to discuss with leading industry executives and experts, counsel and European institution officials the latest developments in intellectual property and legal affairs concerning generic, biosimilar and value-added medicines in Europe and worldwide.

Key topics that will be addressed include:
–          Competition, incentives and more!
–          The latest developments on the Supplementary Protection Certificate (SPC), from the SPC Manufacturing Waiver to the SPC legal review
–          Where do we stand with Brexit, the IP landscape and business strategies for the sector?
–          The biosimilars ‘arena’: opportunities or challenges for biosimilar medicine developers?
–          What’s next at the European Patent Office?
–          How to take advantage of the IP and regulatory environments to grow the generic, biosimilars and value-added medicines business

Interactive roundtables will give you a chance to take part in debates on topics such as code of conduct, disclosure and data protection, paediatric extensions, second medical use patents, the falsified medicines directive, Unified Patent Court developments, and the doctrine of equivalence.

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