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DIA Biosimilars Conference 2018 Posted 29/06/2018

DIA Biosimilars Conference 2018
22–23 October 2018

Europe continues to lead the way in the overall biosimilars landscape, while other markets are gaining traction and catching up quickly. The DIA Biosimilars Conference is your opportunity to delve into:

  • Market access and regulatory developments in the EU and globally
  • National policy developments (e.g. education, incentives, government investments)
  • The impact of biosimilar medicines on the competitive landscape of biological products and the sustainability of the biosimilar medicines sector

Ultimately, working to deliver on the Biosimilars Promise.

Four Steps to Delivering on the Biosimilars Promise

This year's programme committee:

  • Steffen Thirstrup, PhD, MD, Director, NDA Regulatory Advisory Board, NDA Advisory Services, United Kingdom
  • Julie Maréchal-Jamil, MSc, Director, Biosimilar Policy & Science, Medicines for Europe, Belgium
  • Aimad Torqui, MSc, Director, Global Regulatory Policy, MSD, The Netherlands
  • Arnold G Vulto, Professor of Hospital Pharmacy & Practical Therapeutics, Erasmus University Medical Center Rotterdam, The Netherlands

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