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Birth pangs of the Medicines Patent Pool Generics/General | Posted 25/02/2011

The Medicines Patent Pool (MPP) is an initiative designed to streamline patent licensing for generic versions of patented HIV treatments, in order to obtain lower prices for medicines in countries...

Generic substitution causing confusion Generics/Research | Posted 25/02/2011

How do customers and pharmacists really experience generic substitution? This is the question asked in a recent research article [1].

Slow progress towards biosimilar approval in US Policies & Legislation | Posted 25/02/2011

Although the Biologics Price Competition Act was passed in 2009, progress has been slow in setting up a route by which companies can apply to license biosimilars in the US.

EU patent with 23 countries Policies & Legislation | Posted 25/02/2011

The patent deadlock may yet be over, as 23 members of the EU have decided to leave behind the four others and work together to create a single patent system to protect the design of products sold a...

Generic and branded acetylcysteine bioequivalent Generics/Research | Posted 25/02/2011

A single-dose study of acetylcysteine 600 mg found that three tablets of 200 mg of the generic formulation given orally were bioequivalent to a single 600 mg tablet of the branded drug.

Biosimilars boost for South Korea Biosimilars/News | Posted 25/02/2011

The South Korean Government has pledged to promote the biosimilars industry and plans to invest in the biosimilars industry in order to make Korea a market leader. The government will provide both...

Impax challenges Simcor patent Generics/News | Posted 25/02/2011

On 26 November 2010, generic drug maker Impax Laboratories announced that it is challenging the patent covering Abbott Laboratories’ cholesterol-treatment drug, Simcor (niacin/simvastatin).

The therapeutic equivalence of brand-name and generic narrow therapeutic index (NTI) cardiovascular drugs Generics/Research | Posted 11/02/2011

There are many physicians and patients who have concerns that the bioequivalent generics may not have an equivalent nature in terms of their clinical effect and benefit. In the realm of cardiovascu...